Case Study: Sikkuy Aufoq 30th Anniversary


What the Client Needed

The client wanted help in creating an engaging multilingual event and platform for global supporters of this important Non-Profit, working to improve relationships between Jewish and Arab citizens in society at large in Israel to celebrate the 30th Anniversary together.

This hybrid event was to be engaging for the online audience but also the large, live audience in the theatre venue. The global hybrid event will feature a number of speakers, recorded videos and a highlight being an interactive quiz involving both the in-person and online audience together.

The event will need an engaging multi-lingual site (English/Arabic/Hebrew) and the online event should also have full multi-lingual on-screen graphics as well as translators for audio.

What Vievma Delivered

How did we help with this hybrid event?…

We built a full multi-page multilingual site including a 30 year timeline in English/ Arabic/ Hebrew.

The site handled all registrations as well as attendee communications and the live broadcast on the night of the event.

We helped with hybrid event production by working with a 2-man multicamera crew in Israel to host the event from London to an audience across the world.

To enable a satisfying broadcast we utilised elements of Ecamm Live, Restream, Youtube and Zoom.

We produced fully branded on-screen graphics in all 3 languages as well as managed a live support element for the online audience.

We incorporated the reception and after party using a roaming camera and gimbal and an on-site event host providing commentary to give the global a fully immersive experience.

We used kahoot to create a quiz for the in-person and online audience, displaying on screen at the theatre and a split screen in the broadcast so the online audience could see everything as the event progressed.

Its often difficult to engage an online audience, especially for a theatre-style event, however using a roaming camera with an in-person host enabled us to interview attendees, as well as provide a real in-person viewing experience – behind-the-scenes – to ensure everyone at home felt part of every aspect. See the video above for a clip of this!

AMAZING!!! Thank you for being such a huge part of this incredibly successful event and for being there every step of the way with your talent, your professionalism, and your patience. What an experience – thank you all!
– Marcia Shamo, Director, Partnerships and Strategy – Sikkuy Aufoq

Platform: Vievma platform
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