Guide to Post-Event Activities of a Successful Online Event 2023


If you’ve recently hosted a successful online event, congratulations! But don’t stop there – in 2023 it’s important to continue engaging with your audience and following up with post-event activities.

Our comprehensive guide to post-event activities after hosting a successful online event in 2023 can help you make the most of your event; ensuring that you achieve your desired event goals. Post-event activities are essential in ensuring that you maximise the benefits of your virtual event and continue to build an engaged and satisfied audience.

The guide below provides a detailed breakdown of our tried and tested method for post event activities.

If you would like to learn more about our approach or collaborate with us on an upcoming event, don’t hesitate to book a call with our team of experienced event management professionals.

On-Demand and Video Library

The first step you should take post event is to make event sessions available on-demand as soon as possible. This is the best way to accommodate attendees with different time zones and schedules and give access to the content at their own convenience. Your event’s technical team should work on providing easy access, and editing the event session videos for distribution.

We provide the option of a video library for attendees to purchase after the event through our very own platform, designed to optimise online events and provide an easy experience for event hosts. This is a great way for attendees to engage with the content post-event. For example, during a multi-track conference our event platform allows attendees the chance to catch up on any sessions they have missed whilst they were attending a different session. The additional benefits of a video library is that it provides an easy opportunity to build an engaged community and can also increase event revenue.

Collecting and Analysing Event Metrics

Collecting and Analysing Event Metrics

This step includes tracking attendance, engagement, and feedback from attendees. Why should you be tracking attendance? This allows you to measure the reach of the event and gauge the level of interest. Engagement metrics, such as chat, poll, and question-and-answer session participation, can give audience insight into the success of the event content and speakers. Not only this, but feedback from attendees can provide valuable information on what worked well and what can be improved for future events. You don’t want to miss gathering this data!

To ensure you collect your event data, a system needs to be in place such as survey forms or polls. The data collected can then be analysed and used to improve future virtual events, as well as to measure the ROI of the event. Additionally, you can use your event data to identify trends and patterns, which can inform marketing and engagement strategies. Collecting and analysing event metrics is required to make data-driven decisions for the future, and ensure your online events continue to engage and impress your audience successfully.

Evaluation and Follow-Up

At the end of a virtual or hybrid event, hold a wrap-up meeting with the tech and event teams to review the performance of the event. This should include a discussion of any technical issues during the event, as well as any feedback from attendees. The team should also review the metrics and data collected from the event, such as attendance numbers, engagement levels, and survey responses.

Make sure to discuss any lessons learned and best practices for virtual or hybrid events. Include practical examples such as the importance of testing the technology in advance and having a dedicated technical support team on hand during the event.

We can help you with effective post-event analysis and reporting to measure the success of your event, as well as what improvements you should make for future events. As a virtual event production and consultancy company we can help you deliver a professional and engaging virtual or hybrid event from start to finish; setting you up for a year of successful online events in 2023.

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After a successful virtual or hybrid event, it’s important to celebrate the achievement and thank everyone involved. Running a virtual or hybrid event can be extremely challenging, as it requires coordination and technical expertise across multiple teams. The fact that the event was a success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of your event team. It’s important to take a moment to recognize the efforts of the event team, the technical support team, and any other individuals who contributed to the event’s success.

Additionally, don’t forget to thank the sponsors, exhibitors, and other stakeholders for their support and participation. They played a crucial role in the event’s success and their contributions should be acknowledged. This can be done through email, social media or a message on the event website. Their support and participation have been invaluable, and the event would not have been the same without them. A successful virtual or hybrid event is a great achievement and should be celebrated as such, with everyone involved.

Virtual and hybrid events have become a popular alternative to traditional in-person events in recent years. They offer a cost-effective and efficient way to connect with a wider audience, increase engagement, and achieve event goals. These events can be used for various purposes such as conferences, webinar series, product launches, trainings, networking events and more. By understanding the key components of a successful virtual or hybrid event and implementing best practices, you can create a memorable and engaging experience for attendees that leverages the advantages of virtual and hybrid technologies. Whether you are planning a large-scale event or a small-scale one, online events are a great way to connect with your audience and achieve your event goals.

If you are looking for assistance in planning, designing, and executing a virtual or hybrid event, we would love to help. Vievma offers a full range of services to make your event a success, including event planning and coordination, technical production, graphic and video design and post-event analysis and reporting. We can also provide a fully branded virtual event platform, live streaming, and interactive features such as polls, Q&A, and networking opportunities to engage your attendees and provide a seamless event experience.

To learn more about our services and how we deliver successful online events, book a call with our team of event experts.

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