What are Hybrid Events? Key Benefits of Digital-First Events


Updated: Jul 13, 2022

In 2022, virtual and hybrid events are still the best way to connect with audiences at scale. By creating digital-first experiences that can be accessed from anywhere, virtual and hybrid events enable you to engage directly with your audience without limitations.

If you are planning your next event, but not sure whether to go fully online or create a hybrid experience, we have outlined some considerations and key benefits of hybrid event solutions below.

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What is a Hybrid Event?

This multi-platform event combines in-person elements with virtual for an optimised experience – no matter where your attendees join from! Essentially, this is one event, two audiences. There are several different types of hybrid events, including hybrid conferences, meetings, presentations and lectures. Thanks to their popularity, hybrid conferences have grown incredibly in recent years; now, impressively replicating the experience of a physical conference.

When attendees are joining both physically and virtually, the event is managed to both optimise each experience and provide the most similar experience as possible. This shared experience across your delegates covers aspects of interaction, viewing, access, and quality.

What is the Difference Between a Virtual and Hybrid Event?

A virtual event is fully online, delivering content across a virtual platform to an audience elsewhere. On the other hand, a hybrid event combines both the virtual and physical. Your delegates have the choice to attend in person, or to attend digitally. Allowing this flexibility amongst your audience is the main advantage towards a hybrid event.

What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Event?

Depending on your event, you may find that an in-person experience is best for your audience. However, 84% of attendees would like the option to attend virtually (Kaltura). This is where a hybrid event is the choice for you.

A hybrid event provides your audience with greater inclusivity and in turn you gain higher participation. Your audience has more choice in how they attend your event, so anyone who can’t make it to the live venue now has an alternative option! For example, 41% of event professionals would only attend an in-person event if it was local to them (Agorify).

With the increase in hybrid event popularity has come an advance in high-end technology that can impressively replicate the experience across physical and virtual experiences. Your digital audience can engage in a similar way to those in the physical audience. So, across both these audiences, you not only have an improved reach but a high engagement.

By satisfying the expectations of those who prefer to attend physically, and those who would prefer virtual, you can find that you pull in a larger audience. This brings you wider reach and the potential to host an event with greater attendee numbers. As well as unlocking a new revenue for advertisement/ sponsorship, and access to data that’s unique to digital events. It’s no wonder that Event Manager Blog reported over 70% of event organisers planning hybrid events from 2021 onwards!

Breakdown of Key Benefits

  • Higher attendance rates
  • Increased and global reach
  • High engagement
  • New revenue for advertisement/ sponsorship
  • Access data unique to digital events
  • Greater inclusivity and flexibility for your delegates

How to Put Together a Hybrid Event

Everything you need for your hybrid event is sorted with Vievma. We partner with our clients to deliver engaging and dynamic hybrid events, ensuring the whole event process runs smoothly from start to finish. Our work covers:

  • Conferences & Large-Scale Events
  • Full-Service Event Production
  • Event Platform Matching
  • Custom Event Platform Solutions
  • Speaker & Audience Management

For details on how we help get your hybrid event up and running, get in touch with us.

With extensive industry experience in event management and online technology, your hybrid event is in safe hands!

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