Guide to Delivering a Successful Online Event 2023


Discover our comprehensive guide to delivering a successful online event in 2023.

The delivery of online events has evolved significantly with the advancement of available technology. As a result, virtual and hybrid events have become increasingly popular for businesses and organisations; offering a wide range of event types including conferences, product launches, webinars, team training activities, and networking events. By leveraging digital-first approaches, virtual and hybrid events provide solutions to various event objectives, such as global audience engagement, increased attendee participation, and cost reduction without compromising on event quality. If your event objectives for 2023 align with any of these benefits, we can provide you with the necessary information to ensure a successful online event delivery.

Although the majority of the work is done prior to the event date, there is still much to be done leading up to and during the event. The success of the event is largely determined by the level of planning and preparation. Despite careful planning, technical difficulties may arise during the live event, but your dedicated technical team will be available to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

Our guide below includes a step-by-step guideline towards a successfully delivered online event. Straight from our team of event management experts, our guide has been crafted and perfected over the years into our full-proof plan to event success.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or working with us on an upcoming event, please get in touch to book a call with one of our event management experts.

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Event Management

To deliver a successful online event, it is necessary to properly set up and integrate all platform and video conferencing elements. It may be beneficial to conduct a rehearsal beforehand to guarantee the accuracy of the schedule and sessions.

During the event itself, it is essential to have one-on-one technical supervision of all sessions. This dedicated tech support person or team will handle recording, live-streaming, in-session videos, presentations, and live Q&A for both virtual and in-person attendees. Additionally, each session should have a designated host to manage housekeeping and bring in the chat, keep timings etc. For any in-person sessions, it is also important to have both types of personnel present at the venue as well, to deliver the smooth execution of the event.

Ensure to focus on this checklist below for tasks that lead to a successfully delivered virtual or hybrid event:

Confirm all attendees have successfully registered and checked in

Prepare and test all necessary technology and equipment (webcams, microphones, etc.)

Confirm internet connectivity is functioning properly

Ensure all presenters, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors are connected to the platform and sessions. (see green room below) at least 30 mins beforehand

Handle technical issues or questions before and during the event

Manage the audio and visual quality of the event

Prepare and distribute event materials (presentations, handouts, etc.)

Manage all breakout sessions or networking sessions

Start sessions on time and make sure to stick to the schedule

Monitor the event and troubleshoot any issues that may arise

Have a post-event survey or feedback form for attendees

Have a plan for follow-up communications and the next steps after the event

Finally, and critically, every event needs a clear communication channel between the technical team, hosts, and presenters. You can organise this by creating a virtual ‘backstage’ area where stakeholders can come together during the event to communicate and check things over.

Vievma’s Virtual Green Room

We operate a virtual green room for every virtual event that we partner on. This is a live video-call control room for speakers and staff and creates a permanently available, virtual event support location. It provides a space for speakers to prepare and test their equipment before going live, as well as a place for staff to manage the event and troubleshoot any technical issues.

The virtual green room ensures all stakeholders feel more at ease and in control of their performance by giving them access to technical assistance and support in real-time. This ‘always available’ presence provides complete reassurance with full remote control assistance where required. For example, if a speaker’s video or audio is not working properly, our staff can assist backstage in resolving the issue, so that the speaker can go to their presentation without interruption. This allows for the speaker and the event host to relax knowing that if any technical issues arise, they can rely on us for a speedy fix. For more information on how we deliver successful virtual and hybrid events, get in touch here.

Speaker, Sponsor & Exhibitor Management

Managing speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors during a virtual event involves providing them with both the support and resources to ensure their presence is well represented and their message is conveyed effectively. It is essential to check that every element of their presentations look and sound perfect. This includes providing speakers with the necessary equipment and technical support, as well as training and assistance in creating effective presentations and engaging with attendees.

For sponsors and exhibitors, we advise that you provide them with platform elements to showcase their products or services during the event and interact with attendees. We offer virtual booths, sponsored sessions, and other opportunities for engagement using our very own event platform. Additionally, it is essential to provide your sponsors and exhibitors with clear guidelines for branding and messaging to create consistency throughout the event.


Attendee Management

Managing attendees during a virtual and hybrid event involves providing them with support and communication channels to ensure a smooth event experience. This will likely include a dedicated technical support team to assist with any technical issues or questions attendees may have.

We advise that you set up a dedicated contact mechanism for attendees to interact with support, as well as send out reminders and updates leading up to and during the event. Additionally, a virtual registration and check-in process should be in place to deliver a seamless experience. Networking channels are highly recommended. This can include breakout sessions, virtual and hybrid networking opportunities, and other interactive features.

We deliver a virtual or hybrid event smoothly by providing a full range of services to plan, design, and execute all types of events. From event planning and coordination to technical production, we ensure your virtual or hybrid event is a success. Additionally, our fully branded virtual event platform, live streaming, and interactive features such as polls, Q&A, and networking opportunities engage your attendees and provide a seamless event experience.

To learn more about our services and how we deliver successful online events, book a call with our team of event experts.

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