Client Case Study: 3PUK 2022 Annual Conference


What the Client Needed

The 2020 and 2021 3PUK events were virtual only. Now with Covid-19 restrictions heading in a more open direction, 3PUK wanted to hold a truly hybrid event that includes everyone and caters for every possibility.

As a well-being event, the goal is to create a relaxed and connected atmosphere. 3PUK needed a creatively executed event to ensure the feeling was translated online and in person. Therefore, for the 2022 annual conference we were briefed to design a hybrid event that whether attending in-person or virtually, the experience was of one together rather than two separate events.

Tickets were to go on sale via the event platform, with the event consisting of both main stage and breakout sessions. Breakouts are of up to 10 concurrent sessions – a mix of up to 6 live in-person, 3 live virtual and 1 pre-record.

The client required Vievma to handle all event project management and hybrid event delivery. As a non-profit project – everything was to be delivered on a challenging budget.


What Vievma Delivered

Vievma delivered seamless event management ensuring that every element of the event, both in-person and virtually ran smoothly for every stakeholder, user, speaker, and client…

We ran a 2-camera setup in the main room with the online audience visible and interacting through several display screens. As well as the creation of a beautifully 3PUK branded, bespoke platform utilising Zoom for all live sessions. The simplicity of the platform meant attendees at home and even at the venue could access any session – any time – instantly.

Although all sessions were available on the platform, we created several different stage types to keep to budget. This included a hybrid stage (which allowed for in-person and virtual speakers), an in-person stage (allowing in-person speakers only) and a virtual stage (for online speakers only). We also created a virtual space in-person – where virtual speakers could present to an in-person audience at the venue.

To link the online and in-person audience, presentation Q&As were expanded to allow both virtual and in-person attendees to ask questions and interact with the live speakers. Attendees from across Europe and USA participated in sessions. Additionally, in-person and online attendees held mixed networking sessions through the user-friendly platform.

All of this blurred the lines between a virtual and in-person experience at the event, allowing attendees to walk away with the shared experience 3PUK had envisioned. It was a joy to watch the interaction between audiences, beginning with a user from Germany, then an in-person attendee, followed by another virtual attendee from the USA.

The sheer scope, size and technical delivery of this event was a huge success. With a variety of 4x slots of breakout sessions, in 10 concurrent sessions, with up to 30 speakers appearing at one time both in-person and virtually from all over the world – worked seamlessly into the palm of every attendee’s hand!



We received amazing feedback from all attendees on the impact of the technical delivery of the hybrid event. 9.3 out of 10!

“Thank you Vievma, Thank you.
Every year we plan the conference. We have ideas, and then those ideas have to come into form, and you manage to take that bundle of string and turn it into something coherent and make it real and well-organised. A key part of this is thinking through the conference requirements and coming up with inspired ideas, making sure it all fits well. So thank you, you are one of our invaluable partners.”
– 3PUK

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